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QuillBot Referencing Helper

QuillBot is not your standard referencing helper. It is more like an artificial intelligence (AI) content writing tool. Like most content managers these days, QuillBot comes with a referencing helper. It is pretty standard. It lets you site websites, books, and journal articles in various citation styles including MLA, Chicago, APA, and more.

In addition to being a referencing helper, it also offers some cool features:

How to use QuillBot Referencing Helper

starting off the referencing helper
citation list on the referencing helper

Reference management

Change the style

Most referencing helpers prompt you to specify your citation style of choice at the beginning of the process. However, QuillBot does a little differently, which might be better than the norm. On the reference list page, you may change the citation style. Simply pick whichever style you would like from the drop-down list. The referencing helper will change the entry to conform, the change will also apply to the in-text citation.


Once you have generated your reference list, the list of saved references may be so hefty that you may have trouble sifting through all the entries. Therefore, the filter function in a referencing helper allows you to only view a particular source type.  


Grouping your sources allows you to manage them better. Academic writing requires that your primary sources be five years old and below therefore with this function, you are able to only use the relevant sources as your primaries while leaving the older ones to support as secondaries.


While this is not too important as the reference list is already alphabetically sorted, it helps when you have not cleared your bank since the last time you worked on your paper. The sort function on the QuillBot referencing helper helps you sort by the title, publication date, and date added.


Being able to search for whichever source you would like to view or use saves you time. Simply enter whatever information you remember about the source in the search bar that pops up after you have clicked on the search icon then press enter and select.


One way of transferring the reference list to your paper is simply by copying either one after the other or using the ’copy all’ button. You may also export the reference list. The QuillBot referencing helper offers three options for exporting: MS Word, BibTeX, and CSL-JSON. Simply click on the ‘export’ button and select your preferred option then wait for it to download.

QuillBot Co-Writer as a Referencing Helper

using co-writer as your referencing helper

The Co-Writer is a free word processor that combines all of QuillBot’s tools in one location, allowing you to paraphrase, summarize, create citations, and write your essay without having to shift between products.

The Research tool is a special feature of the Co-Writer that allows you to conduct research and bookmark sources without ever having to switch tabs away from your writing.

When you click on it, the toolbar will expand and you’ll be shown a search bar. You can use this to search for topics, articles, keywords, etc. on the web. When you search, results will be displayed.

Once you are done, you may access the citations by clicking on ‘citations’. You will either cite the sources that you have already used when you applied the ‘research’ function or you could click on ‘create citations’.

Just like that, Assignment Essays has helped you navigate the QuillBot referencing helper function!

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