3 Persuasion Methods for Justification Essays: Timely and Cheap

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3 Persuasion Methods for Justification Essays: Timely and Cheap

Prove the validity of your claim in your justification essay
Provide conclusive proof for the validity of your claim in your justification essay. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

What is a Justification Essay?

To justify means to explain your rationale. It means to let others see your reasons for an action or point of view for an opinion. A justification essay is simply you justifying yourself on paper. Justification essays are written on many occasions. You may need to justify your demand to change a certain guideline in an institutional constitution. You may need to submit a justification essay for your research topic.

In that case, you would need to display the importance of your research topic. You would need to display the uniqueness of your approach or how you would address gaps in previous research. A justification essay must be supported with reasons that are not only logical but also relevant.

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Our expert writers are experienced enough as academic writers to provide sufficient research for your justification essay. We also hire writers from different disciplines. People who are not just conversant with the said disciplines but are masters of them. People who have had to justify their own research and may even serve on panels much like the one you need to justify to. For such levels of expertise and the best justification essay imaginable, you would not believe the low amount you will be charged.

Elements of a Justification Essay

There are three main elements of a justification essay. The first part is the introduction where you state your claim. This part might or might not motivate the reader to keep reading. It will determine whether your justification paper is discarded at this point or whether one should hear your reasons. A justification essay is meant to persuade people that your point of view is relevant and necessary. That it is worth exploring. If you cannot provide sufficient reason to keep reading your justification essay past the intro then you are out of the race before the gun fires.

The second part is the body where you state your reasons for your research topic and the evidence to back it up. This is the crux of it all. This is where you do the work. This is where all the research goes. This is where you must really apply yourself and bring it home. Use examples if you have to. This is the justification part of your justification essay.

The third part is the conclusion where you tie everything together. You must make sure that if the reader forgets everything they read, they will remember the conclusion. Therefore the conclusion should relate your topic sentence and the reasons. Make the reader see why those are good reasons for your research topic or whatever you are writing a justification essay for.

Then there are other elements like referencing and appendices among others. These may not carry as much weight as the main 3 but they are still incredibly important. Your justification paper should contain everything you think will be relevant to the persuasion of the reader. You must display your commitment to the topic sentence by doing exhaustive research on the subject. All your sources must be cited and referenced. You do not want to be accused of plagiarism. That would not work very well with your justification essay.

Tips for Writing a Good Justification Essay

Extensive research

If you are going to convince someone of something, you better know what you are saying. You better have strong evidence of your claims. You better be persuasive not only by the authority with which you speak but by the facts your use to convince them. For this reason, research is a very important part of the justification essay writing process. If this part of the process is not well executed it could bring the whole operation down. It will compromise the integrity of the justification essay.

Do your research. Use credible sources. Find all the relevant material for your topic. Build a robust system of reasons. Make it a good one.

Good outline

Before a house is built, they create the frame first. This frame is meant to guide the builders on how to go about the house. It is meant to ensure that the design parameters are met satisfactorily. When writing a justification essay, it important to have an outline first. In fact, it is important to have an outline for any kind of academic writing. This helps you determine whether you have the right flow and structure. It helps you determine whether you have included all relevant elements.

An outline is the skeleton of the essay. It will have the thesis statement then reasons as subtitles and conclusion to close the essay. Besides, it is easier to work in organized bits like this instead of just working with the full essay block.

Excellent introduction

What happens when you are introduced to a person for the first time? The way they are introduced directs your opinion of them from then onward. If a person introduces another with flourish and pride then you are curious to know what is so great about this person. However, if it is done in passing and with little enthusiasm then you may or may not proceed to learn more.

Your justification essay will help the reader make a decision. Therefore you want them to want to go past the initial interaction with your paper. You want them to develop a desire to know more. So, introduce with flourish. Spur that urge to proceed further into the justification essay.

Logical reasons

The body of the essay is where the work really is. It should have depth. It should be well researched. It should be sufficiently supported by evidence and relevant sources. Your reasons should be strong enough to convince the reader. Human beings are interested in what is valuable to them. Therefore, there are three ways to successfully justify your topic.

The first is to choose a topic that is within the same class as something the audience cares about or is interested in. The second is to make it seem like the outcome of the research or topic will lead to a desired outcome. The third is an ‘enemy of my enemy’ kind of approach. It should look like your topic is further devaluing something that the audience already devalues.

Paragraph transitioning and flow

Your justification essay should flow well. It should not feel like the subject is jumping from one area to another. You should employ proper transitions. This is especially important in the body of the essay. The essay should read like the reasons are working in harmony instead of being independent units with merely the same interests. Building a skeleton might help with the flow of ideas. But with transitioning you will need to read aloud to test whether succeeding paragraphs read like non-sequiturs.

Unique approach

If you are writing a justification essay for a research topic then you have your work cut out for you. Your research cannot already exist. If it does then you have to demonstrate that you are employing a new approach to the research question. You must state that while the research already exists, your different approach will add value to the findings. Another way in which you can use already existing research is if you choose to address the limitations of the said research. What are the gaps? What were the implications of those gaps? How do you plan to plug those gaps?

Appropriate format

Formatting in academic writing is a big deal. Using the wrong format can cost you points. There are two aspects of formatting. The first aspect is for logical flow. The justification essay should have a natural progression to it. It should feel like the succeeding paragraph or content is the natural next item. The other aspect is by prescription.

There are two common styles in which you may be asked to present your justification essay. In APA format, you will normally be asked to have a title page unlike in MLA where the first page will have details like author and course name in the upper left corner. In APA, the header is a shortened title flush left and the page number flush right. In MLA, the header is the author’s name and page number in the right corner. There are little distinctions in formatting, little but significantly differentiating.

Proofread and edit

It is very easy to miss some basic mistakes. Typo blindness is a situation where you already know the correct form so your brain corrects the error as you read so you do not notice that there is an error. It is advisable to read your justification essay from the end towards the front. In this case, you are concerned with nothing but the sentence structure, grammar, and spellings. It is much easier to catch errors in this way. It also helps to read the essay out loud so that you can find awkward sentences, if any. Your justification essay must be clean and free of errors. Errors can be distracting and will undermine your credibility in a small way.

Citation and Referencing

Without citation and referencing then it is not a justification essay. It is a plagiarized presentation of opinions. No one is interested in your claims if they are not backed up. Citation and referencing assigns credit to the author of your sources. You should ensure to follow the rules of the prescribed referencing style. For example, if it is MLA then your in-text should have the (author page number) and (author, publication year) in APA.

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Best and brightest writers

We have established that there are a lot of moving cogs in justification essay writing. To convincingly justify your topic is a herculean task. It takes skill and extensive research. It is even more difficult if you do not have experience or any writing skills to speak of. You will be stuck right in the lobby (read intro). You will be unable to construct the simplest part which is the thesis statement.

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