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How it works

We provide quality assignments for our clients. We guarantee quality content for your money. We have simple steps that will guide you to placing the order. We have a process for all types of assignments. There is one specific process for placing a normal order such as a research paper, assignment or an essay. This process is explained below.

1.Fill in the order form

To create an order, you start by filling in details about your order. Here you talk about your subject, academic level, and topic of study, number of source, number of pages and the writing style to be used. Here you also give out instructions for your assignment and attach any document required. After filling out the details, the system automatically calculates the amount you should pay for the order depending on our pricing. This depend on the details you give on the subject of study, number of pages and the academic level.
In this step, you are also required to sign up. The details used to sign up will be used by our team in case they need to contact you. This will be in case they need to ask you any question regarding your ongoing assignment or informing you an assignment is complete.

2.Pay for your order

Once you are through with filling the order form and signing up, you will move to the payment section. We accept payment from your PayPal account and debit or credit cards. During the payment process, we do not save client’s personal information. This helps in protecting their personal details from third parties.

3.Order becomes available to writers

Once you complete the payment process, your order becomes available to our writers. Writers view your order and those able to handle it place bids. Our support team selects the best and most qualified write in your subject to handle your assignment. The selected writer immediately starts working on your assignment.

4.Work done and submitted within set deadline

The selected writer does an in-depth research on your assignment. This will ensure they submit quality content. Our writers are also experienced in essay writing which ensures they write non-plagiarized and error free essays.

5.Assignment is sent for editing.

Although we have experienced writers, we always send all completed papers to our expert editors. The editors ensure the papers are written well and all instructions are followed. They ensure there is proper citation and writing styles are followed as per the instructions. This helps in eradicating any mistake that the writer might have missed. In case errors are found, the editor can do the necessary amendment or send the paper for revision. In case of a revision, the writer responsible will do the revision. The paper is then sent to the editor for evaluation. The process continues until the editor is satisfied with the quality of the paper.

6.Work is uploaded and made available to you.

After the work has been approved by our professional editor, it is uploaded. You are then sent an email to notify you that your paper is complete. Uploading the assignment makes it available to you. You can now go through it to ensure everything has been done to your expectation. In case of any issue or mistakes, contact our agents so the paper can be put on revision. Ensure you address the problem so that it can be taken care of and necessary amendments made.

7.Download your paper

You can now download your paper. We recommend you review your paper before submission. This will ensure everything is per your lecturer’s instructions and preference. We offer free unlimited revisions for all the papers written for our clients.

For classes and quizzes.

For classes and quizzes, it is a bit different. They do not have a specific process to follow. For a class, the writer assigned your class ensure that all assignments are submitted on time. The writer will take care of everything that comes with your online class such as quizzes, assignments, essays and tests.

1.Chat with one of our agents

When requesting for class help and quizzes, you need to chat directly with one of our agents. Our agents are always online thus you get class help any time of the day or night. You can ask for online class help by using terms such as, take my online class or need online class help. You can also use any other term. Due to online classes not being the same, there is no fixed price for a class. Some classes are easier while others are much complicated. Thus the different prices.

2.Provide class login details

Our agent will request for your class login details. The details will be used to access your online class. After logging in, we will determine how much work needs to be done for your class and give you a quote for the price. In case of a quiz we will login to your class and check the complexity of the quiz. The number of questions, time for completing the quiz and the subject are the some of the factors we consider when determining the amount we of payment we will request.

3.Agree on a payment plan

When it comes to classes, payment is done weekly. Our agent will adjust payment details to make it possible for you to pay for the class weekly. You can also be allowed to pay for the full class if it is your wish. You can suggest a payment plan you wish to use and discuss with our agent. We accept payment through PayPal.

4.All your assignments are taken care of.

When you are done paying, your class is assigned to a writer with the highest qualifications in that course. The writer will take care of all the assignments, essays, quizzes, tests and discussions for your class. The writer will also ensure they submit all your assignments before deadlines. The writer will review your course materials and organize a working plan to help improve your grades so as to put you on top of your class. You are free at any time to login to your class account and see how the writer is tackling your assignments. for quizzes the most qualified writer will work and you are assured of a great performance.