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Fair Use Policy

At Assignment Essays, we match you with world-class experts who will write customized model essays and dissertations for you and to your own specifications. Through this, our service aims at illustrating what excellent work looks like and provide a model from which you can draw inspiration later when writing your own original work. We offer a hyper-personalized study guide to help improve your writing and grades. We are dedicated to the improvement of your educational experience and grades but the services we deliver should never be used as a replacement for your own work. 

What does our fair use policy state?

Our fair use policy states that: All materials and other customized resources that we deliver to our clients must be used with proper references and are only meant to assist the client write their own paper. Using our services is completely legal and is not prohibited by any learning institution.


The quality essays, dissertations, and assignments that we deliver are not intended to be submitted as your own work. Submitting these essays would be counter-productive to your studies and against your academic institution’s plagiarism guidelines. All our papers are scanned through a plagiarism detector and are guaranteed to be unique and thus you can use them as a basis for your own research and study. Using our model papers will help to look into your subject in greater detail and will enable you to develop a greater understanding which will significantly aid your revisions for examinations. 

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of:

How to use your sample paper

 Our sample papers are written with the aim of providing a student with an illustration of how a particular academic question can be handled. This does not mean that the question can only be handled as illustrated on the paper written by our expert. You can use the model paper you receive from us to help you form ideas to get to a strong starting point. With the help of our sample paper, you can draft your own essay based on extensive research through various learning channels. The following are important steps to guide you on how to use the model paper you receive from us. 

Although reviewing your model paper and drawing references from there can be a bit tedious, you get to learn a lot about the topic. The knowledge you get can help you very much during your examinations.

Avoiding plagiarism

Our fair use policy has been put in place to ensure all our customers enjoy the best essay help services in the industry. The following tips will help you avoid plagiarism when using any of the model papers you receive from us. 


  1. Can I submit the sample paper to my university? No. Handing in the paper to your university is plagiarism or cheating as the work is not originally yours. Making minor changes on the paper is still plagiarism as the work you submit to your university for grading should be your own compilation. Please use the paper to draft your own original paper. 
  2. Do you have a revision policy for the model paper? Yes. We offer free unlimited revisions on all our papers as long as you can prove that the paper was not written as per the instructions or part of the instructions was omitted during the process of writing the paper. A revision request should not include any new instructions and should be sent within 14 days from the time the order was approved. Depending on the evidence provided, your revision request can either be accepted or denied at the discreet of our Quality Control Department. 
  3. How should I use my model paper? You should use the model paper as a guide to writing your own paper. Our paper shows you how you can approach your research questions and answer them promptly. You get to understand that there are multiple ways of approaching and answering a question where we give you one of the approaches and it is up to you to find a different way to approach the issue. A model paper also forms a firm starting point for additional research and drafting your work. 
  4. If I hand in the work without changing it, will I get caught? All our model papers are usually 100% plagiarism-free and written to your specific assignment instructions. If submitted to the university, the university would not know even after using a plagiarism scanner as the paper is never uploaded to the web. This does not mean that submitting the work is safe as the tutor might recognize that the writing style used on the paper is different from your own.

 On the other hand, you might be unable to discuss the paper with your tutor when requested especially if you didn’t do the research. This is clear proof that you didn’t write the paper. Handing in another person’s work as your own is an academic crime that should be avoided at all costs.

  1. What is the purpose of a model paper? The main purpose of a model paper is to help you conduct further research and utilize the information in the model when writing your own document. The paper acts as an example of what the student should deliver in their final paper and thus acts as one of the very best research tools a student could ever wish for. It may not be the only way to tackle a topic and a student can form an entirely different view to that of the researcher but the model paper is important as it provides the student with a starting point to conducting their own research and writing their paper.  
  2. Why do we have a fair use policy? The fair use policy has been created to make clients understand that the work delivered to them is copyrighted. The best way to benefit from it is by using it as a guide to further research and also take notes and ideas from the work and use the information in writing your own paper. According to our fair use policy, you should never submit the work purchased from us to your professor for grading as it is a form of plagiarism. 

7. Why should you buy a reference paper from us? After learning that passing our work to your professor is unethical, you might be wondering why you should buy a model paper from us. Our model papers are very important to learners as they provide them with concise analysis, in-depth research as well as opinions and reviews on a topic from the point of view of an expert. The model papers are the most widely used research tool by students worldwide. The model paper will save you the trouble of sorting through massive amounts of research materials.