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Number 1 Dissertation Writing Service: Great Value for your Dollar

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What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a long essay, usually the final requirement for the fulfillment of a degree. Dissertation and thesis are often used interchangeably. They are both assigned at the end of the degree program. You will also have an adviser and/or peers to help you even though it will be an individual assignment. They are both hefty in terms of material and ample time is given.

A difference comes in the intention of the paper. A thesis shows the student’s understanding of the field while a dissertation is usually based on a hypothesis that needs proving or disproving. The good news is that whether you need dissertation writing services or thesis writing services, we have got your back.

At, we guarantee you a dissertation that will be well written. Your paper will exhaustively tackle the research question. Your dissertation will be in the right format and plagiarism free. It will be delivered on time. You will get all of this at the right price. Dissertation writing may be back-breaking work but at, neither your back nor your bank will break.

Elements of a dissertation

1. Title page
This is just the page with your name and title of the paper. You should also make sure to include institutional affiliation and date of submission. Note, this page is not numbered.
2. Acknowledgments
On this page, you recognize everyone who was of great help to you. You recognize your peers and advisers among other people who were critical to the successful completion of your dissertation. You need not include the dissertation writing service.
3. Abstract
This is like a summarized cliff note. It introduces the research question and lets the reader know how you plan to tackle it including the conclusion. It should be about 250 words long.
4. Table of contents
This will help readers navigate your document. The table of contents should have all the subheadings and headings. By clicking on an item, the reader can jump directly to that part.
5. List of figures and tables
This is like the table of contents for data representation tools. This too can be generated automatically.
6. List of abbreviations
Your paper should be understood by all. This means that any abbreviation you use in the paper should be included on the list alphabetically so that it is easier to find.
7. Glossary
This will be useful if you have used highly technical terms in the paper. Again, it should be alphabetically arranged.
8. Intro
This is where you set the scene for the paper. The introduction should tell the reader what the paper is about. It should also tell the reader why the topic is important. Finally, it should tell the reader how you plan on making your arguments.
9. Literature review
This is basically a justification for using the sources you have used. How does your research support the arguments?
10. Methodology
How was your research conducted? What type of research was it? Did you collect any data? How was the data collected? How was the data analyzed?
11. Results
This is a presentation of your raw findings. What did you find out?
12. Discussion
This part carries a lot of weight. This is where you use your research to prove or disprove your hypothesis. What is your interpretation of the results? What are the implications of the results? Are there shortcomings to the results and research? Make sure to provide a full dimensional argument. This is what makes a good dissertation.
13. Conclusion
What is your conclusion? This is where you answer the research question conclusively. Provide a summary of the results and discussion. This is where you reflect. This is also where you may recommend or suggest future research.
14. Bibliography/Reference list
All your sources must be represented on this list. Any source you may have used and cited should be appropriately included.
15. Appendices
This last section is any miscellaneous documents. This means anything from transcripts to questionnaires should be attached.

Dissertation writing service: the process

            Decision and consultation on the topic

Your research question will be the very first step in the dissertation writing process. The topic will determine how easy or enjoyable the research process will be. Some topics may seem nice and fun at first until you realize that there is very little research material to refer from. You should find several options then narrow down from there. It is also important to take the time to consult your academic mentor. Basing your dissertation on your area of interest and specialization will be useful when seeking career advancement. While our dissertation writing service is perfectly capable of helping you with this part, you may want to handle it yourself.

            How to carry out research

After you have given us your topic, we start with the research planning. Our dissertation writing service includes extensive research. Are we going to use textbooks? Are we going to use journals? Are we going to use lectures or academic podcasts? The research will be another big part of the dissertation writing process.

            Create research and writing schedule

A dissertation is a big document. This means that a lot of research and writing time will go into it. It is improbable that it will all be done in a day. We will create a schedule. We will also have a research schedule. What are we going to research and when?

            Find the right sources

The sources you have chosen have to sufficiently support the topic. The material must be relevant and critical to the argument. This will help the writer stay on track and not digress. Our dissertation writing service will ensure you have the right sources. It will be an advantage because it is evidence of your understanding of the topic and extensive research.

            Organize research and sources

As previously mentioned, a dissertation will take some time to complete. You should therefore be able to find and appropriately apply each source and fact. With this in mind, the writer must organize the sources and material in a way that is easy to find. Some sources will be used throughout the document but some will be applied in specific sections. Research should be arranged in order of application.

            Make outline

With everything in order, a skeleton is created. An outline will help maintain a good flow. The paper will be organized logically. An outline ensures that every relevant aspect of the subject is addressed exhaustively.

            First draft

Then the writer starts on the first draft. They will follow the writing schedule religiously. The beginning of the dissertation can be quite difficult. It is like a baby’s first step. It is taken gingerly with a lot of caution and a healthy dose of creativity. The introduction should answer the what, why, and how of the paper.

            Edit and proofread

After the writing part is over, another chunk of time is taken to read and reread. To make the errors stand out more, the writer may read the paper from back to front. This part ensures that your work is clean. This is the stage at which the writer gets rid of distracting little mistakes like typos. This comes as a perk of the dissertation writing service. We do not deliver raw work.

            Plagiarism check

Plagiarism is the use of material from a source without crediting that source. There are resources online that can scan your work for such instances. The resource or app then gives you a score called a similarity index. The best you can do is 0%. Our dissertation writing service is vigilant and strict on this matter.

Challenges of dissertation writing

If this is your first dissertation, you will always wonder if you are doing it right. You will worry about whether you are tackling the research question right. The process will be stressful. A dissertation writing service will help you throughout the process. You can seek help with parts or the entire work.
It will take a while to research and write this. A dissertation writing service will usually require two weeks to a month to satisfactorily complete it. This is a testament to how much time you need to dedicate to it. Finding the time might be difficult especially if you have a day job.
            Writers’ block
This is a common thing. You end up sitting in front of a computer staring at the cursor for a long time unable to write a thing. In some cases, you will repeatedly type and delete statements. You will wake up one day with a few days left to the deadline.
            Low concentration
Sometimes, you just cannot concentrate. Maybe you have children running around demanding your attention. You have a work report due. You are stressed by this dissertation you have to write and defend. Because of all this, you can barely concentrate on dissertation writing.
            Dissertation format
A dissertation has many elements. Deciding where to put everything can be a headache. Does it make sense to have the abstract before the table of contents? In what order will you put the subsections? There are so many formatting issues to consider.
            Academic writing
Academic writing can be a little tricky. The citation has to be executed in the right way depending on the prescribed style. The tone with which you write has to be formal and academic. There is a lot to consider on top of the stress of this big project you have ahead.
            No repetition or exclusion
Your research question must be exhaustively tackled. You cannot forget any dimension to the topic. You have to present every side of the argument. That said, there cannot be repetition in your work. This wastes the instructor’s time. Adhering to this will be very stressful.
Start can be difficult
The beginning of your dissertation will introduce the reader to your work. It has to be interesting and informative without going into too much detail. It will be a lot of pressure coming up with the perfect abstract and introduction. For many, the beginning is the most difficult part of dissertation writing. At our dissertation writing service, we have experienced writers who have done this numerous times. They know exactly how to start.
With our dissertation writing service, you can overcome these challenges.

Why use our dissertation writing service?

Professional writing
At we hire only the best and most qualified to work on our dissertation writing service. You can expect a professionally done dissertation. You can expect a fruitful and efficient interaction with us. Our writers are proficient and knowledgeable in both academic and dissertation writing.
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We understand that sometimes time gets away from you. Despite a tight deadline, you can still benefit from our dissertation writing service. You have an option to request priority and your order will be rushed. If need be, several writers will be assigned to it so that it is done on time.
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Our writers have been writing dissertations for a long time. They are also vastly experienced in their fields. This makes your best option for a dissertation writing service.
Round the clock support
We understand the need to express your concerns. You want to know how much of your dissertation has been written. You want to know how research is being conducted. We get it. We are here for you no matter the time.
A good dissertation writing service is reliable. Reliability in terms of both timely delivery and quality. We will not have you wait a month only to deliver a low-quality product. We guarantee that you can rely on us to relieve you of the stress.
Custom written
Every paper we work on is original. Our dissertation writing service is built on bespoke work.
Free revision
In the event of a little something you need to be rectified, we can take care of it for you free of charge. Your writer will be available to review the paper with you until you are completely satisfied.
Plagiarism free
Rest easy in the fact that your dissertation will be 0% plagiarized. We will do our research. Our professional dissertation writing service employs all the resources available to ensure that plagiarism is nil.
Safe transaction
Transacting online can be risky. However, if you use a site that has all the safeguards in place, you will be fine. Our website has all the online transaction security protocols in place to ensure that your information remains private.
Our dissertation writing process is a collaboration between you and the writer. We like to involve the client throughout the process so that they are assured that the research question is being handled to their specifications. We are partners.
On-time delivery
We do not play around with deadlines. We are actually very strict about this. Timely delivery is the cornerstone of our dissertation writing service. Our writers begin working on your order as soon as you have placed it to avoid late deliveries.
Help with parts
You might find that some parts are easy for you to handle while you are clueless about others. Which part of the dissertation is giving you pressure? Which part is dragging you behind? Contact our dissertation writing service for whatever part you need help with.
Affordable pricing
Dissertations are long essays. You might be afraid to seek out a dissertation writing service because you assume it will be expensive. However, at our price will be fair as can be.
Good reputation
We value our clients. Our dissertation writing service is geared towards ensuring your triumphant academic career. We pride ourselves on the good reputation we have built over time with our clients. All the good reviews and return customers are a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction.
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