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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

At Assignment Essays, we respect and regard customer’s privacy critically very important. The following are our fundamental principles when it comes to customer privacy.

The following is our privacy policy which incorporates and clarifies the above principles.

Who are we and what does this privacy policy covers?

Hello there! We are the team in charge of this website. We are an online company, Mutt Street Limited. We deal with course help and assignment help in all fields and levels of study. This privacy policy applies when a client provides personal information when they use:

While discussing about the Privacy Policy, we will refer to the website and other products and services found in the website as ‘service’.

At Assignment Essays, we are very committed at protecting our customers’ personal data. With this Privacy Policy, we set guidelines on how to collect, use, process and store clients’ personal information. We strictly protect your personal data as such information can be directly or indirectly used to refer to you as a natural person.

The following are ways in which we collect, use and share client’s personal data and the choices each client has with respect to the information.

In case you have any question on the Privacy Policy, feel free to contact and talk to us about it.

How can we get your personal information?

We can get your personal data directly from you or from our partners through legal arrangements or contracts you make with us or with our partners on our behalf. This contracts ensures we deliver legal or contractual obligations. We get direct permission and consent regarding your personal data from third parties whom you have permitted to share the information with us.

Which information do we collect from you?

When you visit our website, there is information that is collected automatically. The following are some of the details collected:

The following are types of personal data collected and why the data is processed.

Personal information types Reasons why this data is collected
User’s country This data helps in verification of the user to prevent fraudulent through the use and resale of a user’s accounts. It also helps in tax determining tax implications and for VAT purposes.
User’s email This provides the main contact of communication with a website user so that you can be provided with marketing and promotional materials.
user’s name and surname This helps in verifying the user for billing and sending invoices. It also helps in taxation and fraudulent prevent in use and reselling of a user’s account.
Phone number This provides the contact for immediate communication with the user by our customer support team. It also acts as a verification for the user.
City/state/ZIP code/address This helps in creating billing information for the invoices.

Why do we collect customer personal data?

The following are some of the reasons why we collect customer personal data.

What grounds do we have for collecting information from you?

We can collect information from you as a requirement by the law especially when entering into a contract. This is for a legal reason. We can also collect your personal information as a consent from you for a specific reason such as to facilitate delivery of certain services.

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

We can process your personal data for any of the following reasons:

Ways you can use to give your personal information.

You can use the following ways to give us information about yourself with your consent:

The information shared with us can be personal, educational, and financial or details related with your order.

Information received from other sources

In some cases we can receive your personal information in case you use any of the other websites that we operate or another service we provide. We can also get your information from our business partners who are entitled to collecting information on our behalf.

We can get your personal information from third parties whom we work with such as search information providers, business partners and payment and delivery service providers.

NOTE: The files you share with our website might be collected and stored and thus you should not share with us any file you are not permitted to use. You should also avoid sharing files that contain your personal information or another person’s personal data without their consent. This is because we do not guarantee the security of such information.

With whom can your personal information be shared?

We can share your personal data either for legal reasons or because you have allowed us to do so. This information can be shared with the following:

What are the other reasons we might share your personal information with third parties?

If it happens that all assets of Mutt Street Limited or any of its subsidiaries gets acquired by a third party, customers’ personal data is one of the asset that will be transferred back to the company.

Your personal data can also be shared with third parties for the following reasons;

Aggregated or anonymized data

Sometimes we provide third parties with anonymized or aggregated data. This means that the personal information that can be used to identify you is removed. This type of data is not referred to personal data because it is only statistical data. Every client has the right to object this if they are not comfortable with it.

Where do we store and process your personal data?

Most of our client’s personal data is stored and processed in the EU/European Economic Area (EEA) or USA. By accepting our privacy policy you give us permission to store your data in other states where we have storage or servers. You are assured that no matter where your data is stored, it is encrypted and secure thus cannot be illegally accessed by any unauthorized parties.

Why might your data be processed outside EEA?

What do we do if your personal data cannot be processed within the EEA?

Access to your personal data via password

In a case where you have been given a password that allows you to access certain parts of our website, it is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. We always advice our customers not to share their passwords and to as well use strong passwords.

How long do we keep your personal data in our website?

We only keep client’s personal data as long as it is required. We will keep your personal information for the following reasons.

What happens if you refuse to give your personal data?

In case we need your personal data to facilitate provision of a service for a contract you entered with us, we won’t be able to provide the service and thus we will refuse to enter into the contract. For us to enter into a contract with you, you have to provide your personal data.

Your rights 

We highly respect our clients’ legal rights to their personal data. The following are customer rights and how we protect them.

Legal right How we protect your rights
Right to information We have published a privacy policy that has information on how we use our customers’ personal data. We try as much as possible to be clear on how we use your personal data. For any question about our privacy policy contact our support team for more information
Right to access of information All our clients have the right to access their personal information. You can contact our Data Protection Officer at to determine what personal information we have about you.
Right to data rectification If you feel the information we have about you is incomplete or inaccurate, you have the right to rectify. If the same data has been passed to a third party with your permission or for legal purposes, we will also request them to rectify. For data rectification, please contact our Data Protection Office at
Right to data erasure As a client you have the right to have all your personal data deleted. This can also be referred to as ‘the right to be forgotten’. This will happen if we do not have a reason to keep your data and you can contact us through
The right to restrict processing of your personal data You have the right to restrict and decide how your personal data should be processed. This means we can store your data but not process it. We only store enough of your personal data to make sure your request is respected in the future.
Right to data portability We always allow clients to obtain and reuse the data they have with us in a safe and secure way without affecting the usability of this data. You can contact our Data Protection Officer if you need information on how to port your data elsewhere. This only happens to the data that we have with your own concept.
The right to object All our clients have the right to object to their data being processed even if the processing is done on our legitimate interest, for official authority exercise or for the purpose of statistics.
The right to withdraw consent. Any client has the right to withdraw consent to data processing even if they had given their consent if they have a change of mind. The processing of your data must stop if that is what you wish.
Right to complain to a supervisory authority. You have the right to complain to the ICO or any other authority to have any of your problems solved.

Links to other websites

We sometimes have links to and from other websites who are our partner networks, advertisers and affiliates. When following links to this websites, be aware of the fact that they all have their own privacy policy. We are not responsible or liable to anything that happens between you and those websites. Ensure you check the privacy policy of such websites before you submit your personal data.

Age limitations

As to the extent prohibited by the law, we do not allow persons under the age of 16 to use our services or our website. In case you are aware of someone below the age of 16 who has unlawfully provided us with personal data, please report this to us so we can delete their personal data.

Changes to this privacy policy

We change our privacy policy from time to time due to changes in laws, regulations and industry standards. We may also make changes due to changes in our business or company. Whenever we makes changes to our privacy policy, we will notify you and request all our clients to review the policy to stay informed. If the changes materially alter your privacy rights, you will be notified through your personal email or on the website. In case you disagree with the privacy policy ensure you deactivate your account.

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