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Citation Machine EasyBib

EasyBib is a citation machine that lets you generate citations for your papers in whatever style you prefer or have been instructed to use. From the platform, you can get both your in-text citations and the bibliography. In many cases, EasyBib can create a citation automatically (auto cite) if it recognizes the book, website, journal article, etc., you cite.

While it is chiefly a citation machine with thousands of styles to choose from, EasyBib also has other features. Like the notebook tool, for example. This tool helps you keep notes on your projects. It is a kind

of annotation functionality. EasyBib also has a grammar checker and plagiarism checker. It is basically a homework helper in the form of a citation machine.

However, you have to be careful about EasyBib as it may generate some inaccurate citations for you like failing to include the city of publication for books, for example. Additionally, the bibliography might not be in alphabetical order, which is required in academic writing. Furthermore, it might not add formatting like indents. Therefore, you must check your work before submission to correct those mistakes.

EasyBib citation machine is available in apps for your portable devices. The EasyBib app for Android phones can be used to scan barcodes on books as well as enter sources manually. The app then sends the references to your email so that you can add them to your library. The EasyBib app for iPad and iPhone works in the same way. The apps are a great way to record your sources on the fly. Although, it is a little inconvenient that you cannot sync and add them to the library automatically.

Getting your EasyBib Citation Machine Up and Running

Start by creating your account. Setting up an account on EasyBib allows you to save multiple projects or bibliographies, share them with others, use the notebook tool, and more. You can create your own EasyBib account or log on with Facebook among other options that the site will display for you. If you are using EasyBib on a communal computer, like at school or in a library, make sure to log off once you are done using it for the day.


In addition to saving and exporting your citations, the EasyBib citation machine lets you share those sources with collaborators. Once logged in, simply click “share” on the desired bibliography, and enter the email addresses of those you want to share with. Choose sharing permissions, such as allowing others to edit or comment.

Citing your Papers with EasyBib

adding sources on the citation machine
  1. Go to the EasyBib website
  2. Choose your type of source e.g. Book. If the source type does not appear simply click on ‘more’ and pick from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter the ISBN or whichever other information is prompted like the URL for a website
  4. Click ‘cite this’
  5. The site will generate results from which you can pick the right option
  6. Your bibliography will appear at the bottom of the page
  7. Copy and paste it onto your document

Manual citation

  1. Start at the website and pick your source type
  2. Click on ‘cite this source manually’
  3. Enter bibliographic information. If you have multiple contributors then click on ‘+add another contributor’
  4. Click on ‘create citation’
  5. Copy your reference from the bottom of the page

Adding a bibliography to your paper with the citation machine

  1. To create your reference page click on “Export or Print”, from the drop-down menu, and choose “Print as Word Doc”.
  2. Microsoft Word should open up on your Home Computer.
  3. Format your bibliography page.
    • Make sure there is a header as required by the style you are using.
    • Add the words “Works Cited” or “References” in the middle of the page. Skip a line.
    • Order your sources alphabetically
    • Effect a hanging indent for your references
    • Enter the correct spacing as per your instructions, that is, single or double spacing.
  4. Your bibliography page is done. Save it and click Print.

Multitasking on EasyBib

You can save citations to a bibliography or “project,” and you can have several bibliographies. This allows you to work on separate papers at the same time. To organize your bibliographies, you need to create separate projects. On the citation machine:

  1. Log in to EasyBib
  2. Click on all projects then click on ‘Create new project’
  3. Enter required details like the name of the project or whatever label you would like to use and the style you want to use.

Using the Citation Machine to Vet Sources

EasyBib has a browser extension that will vet your sources as you research. With one click on the icon on the toolbar, receive advice on the credibility of the web site you are citing. You can download this tool from the chrome web store.