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Creative Writing Service: 100% Quality Guarantee

Quality creative writing
Quality creative writing. Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is an art. It uses emotional appeal and imagination to help readers develop mental images of the characters and scenes. The purpose of creative writing is to entertain while also letting the reader see the writer’s perspective and emotions. It sounds simple enough but very few can deliver. Some may simply lack the skill to execute an intriguing plot with deep characters and a strong theme.

Are you lacking creative writing skills or are you just blocked? Do you experience anxiety and sweating every time you have a creative writing assignment? Do you end up staring at the cursor on a white screen for hours without having written a single word? Do you write statements then delete them over and over until you have run out of time?

At, we can take care of all your creative writing homework for you. No need to take a chill pill every time you have a creative writing paper due. We can handle all your business marketing material for you. Our writers are skilled and gifted at crafting pieces that capture the reader’s attention and take them on a literary trip. Contact us today for all your creative writing needs.

Elements of creative writing


You may be writing a story that everyone knows about. Like for example the story of red riding hood. No matter the story, you must make it unique. Provide a never thought of before standpoint. Make it feel and seem like it is a whole new story. A good plot has intrigue and suspense. You want your reader to invest emotionally. You want them to feel like they are part of the story and not merely standing by the sidelines.


A creative writing piece will also usually have characters. These are people or objects around which the piece revolves. Good character development includes a backstory. Make the reader feel like they know this character. Make them recognize the character. Give an accurate and sufficient description of the character. Be intentional about inadvertently revealing character traits. For example- He stormed off, with his bad leg struggling to catch up to him, as he mumbled obscenities. In this example, the story has progressed and the reader has learned one more thing about the character.


This is the message you want to pass to the reader. What is the quintessence of the story or poem? Most creative writing pieces have several themes. Are you trying to shine a light on corrupt government systems? Are you trying to highlight poverty? What is the purpose of this creative writing piece? Many writers like to include themes that reflect current events. This works as it helps the reader invest more.

Visual attention

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. If they were in the scene, what would they see? Take a sweeping mental look at the scene you are trying to create. Describe it exactly as you see it then relay that to the reader. This is achieved by using tools like imagery and similes. Imagery is a figurative description of something. For example- Her touch felt like the morning sun.

Emotional appeal

You want the reader to invest in the characters and plot. You want them to root for a character. You want them to feel like they are part of the gang in the book. Creative writing appeals to the reader’s emotions. It appeals to their sense of humanity. It appeals to their fears and joys. You want to create excitement or sadness. You want to evoke pride or regret. Creative writing is not effective until the reader has even the slightest tinge of emotional reaction.

Types of creative writing


These could be in the form of novels, shorts stories, or essays. A good story has excellent character development. It has an easy and logical flow. It has a backstory, the main story, and the conclusion or cliffhanger.

Poetry and Songs

This kind of creative writing is very personal to the writer. It can be difficult to write and even more difficult to release for consumption. Writing a song or a poem can be a lot like having a baby. It starts with that urge to write about something which is the egg. It then develops slowly as the writer decides on the direction and style they want to use. This continues until it becomes a fully developed piece that can stand on its own. It communicates something to the world and becomes a reflection of the writer.


Scripts are dialogue pieces with directions for the actors to follow as they perform it. Scripts are used in movies, plays, tv news among other types of shows. A script should feel like a natural conversation would. Here the writer must be adept at the art of assigning voices to characters. Each character must be differentiated by the way they speak. Famous playwrights, like Oscar Wilde, always model one character after them which is not a bad idea.


Your speech should be informative. It should be targeted at your audience. It should have a dash of humor. It should be engaging. Writing a speech requires that the writer understand the audience. It requires the ability to make every audience member feel like they are being addressed individually. The best speeches are not only well written, but they are also well delivered. Therefore, understand the presenter too.

Business marketing material and Ad copy

Everything that allows you to know about a business is creative writing. Those brochures you find on your windshield, the advertisements on TV and etcetera. Even tag lines are forms of creative writing. That one tag line will have a theme, plot, and emotional appeal. It is more difficult to write than a novel because you only have one chance.

Why do you need a creative writing service?

You lack skill

Creative writing is an art. It may be taught but there still has to be that natural instinct for and ability to tell stories. Have you ever met those people who will tell the most mundane story in such an interesting way that you remain hooked? You will be seated waiting with bated breath for what happened after he brushed his teeth. It is okay to accept that you just lack the skill and capability to tell a story in a way that appeals to readers. This does not mean that you can opt-out of your creative writing assignments. We can help. Our creative writing service is on hand.

Writers’ block

Even the best writers have experienced periods of inability. They experience a chronic lack of creativity in their creative writing. Periods of despair during which writing becomes a dreaded chore like cleaning up the kitchen after baking. They will have very little to say. They feel like the cursor is mocking them. Are you going through this? Take some time to get your head right. We have your back.

Free time

Life can be hectic. You have school. You also want to hang out with your friends. You want to play that sport you love so much. You want to be in the student government. You want to have time for work-study. There is only so much time in one day. How do you manage all of these in addition to your creative writing assignments? Your instructor definitely will not believe that your dog ate your homework and you need time to redo it. This is where we come in.

Our creative writing service is meant to help you manage all your life events without letting your academics suffer. You can do it all and we will be behind you the entire time.

Tight deadlines

Deadlines tend to creep up on us. Time always seems to be moving a lot faster when there is a looming deadline. You will feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over your head just waiting to drop and break your neck. This kind of pressure will bore bad results. Your work will be haphazard and filled with errors. You might not be proud of what you have done once completed. So let us deal with the pressure. Our writers have been doing this for so long and are so good, they feed off the mocking of a ticking clock.

Grow your business

Creative writing also includes business material. Any material used for advertisement and marketing is a form of creative writing. The character is the company or product being advertised. The theme is the superiority of that product or company. The plot is everything that the company or product can do for you. Therefore, welcome to, and let us help you grow your business.

What should you expect from


Our creative writing service is propped on quality. We are geared towards unique and original work. We pride ourselves on providing the most creatively abundant pieces possible. At, we have a quality assurance team whose job is to inspect the completed works for issues and errors. Your work will be polished. It will be done to your specifications. Your work will be appealing. Our customer service team will be helpful and mindful of your concerns.

Reasonable price

Whatever you need done in however long, you can be sure to get. We will do this at a very low price. Our price is fairly determined by several factors. We are very careful and intentional about giving you competitive rates.

Secure payments

We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of any information you entrust us with. We have invested in safeguards to ensure that your data does not fall into third party hands. We also invest in the latest technologies so that your payments are not only easy but also secure. Your financial information is important. You have our guarantee that your patronage of our creative writing service will not put you at risk of identity or data theft.

Free revision

Creative writing, like all art, is flexible. It can bend and change direction. It can be molded into exactly what the owner needs it to look like. In the process of molding, the writer might get a curve wrong. This is all good. We request that you take the time to review the paper. Take notes and share them with us. Any rectification you need on the paper we can do, for free. Our creative writing service will not keep your money until you are completely satisfied with what we have delivered.

No hidden charges

Some creative writing services tend to include undisclosed charges on the final invoice. It could be small charges for say editing and proofreading. This is very wrong. Our creative writing service does this for free so there should not be a charge for that in the final invoice. The price you get after you have entered your order and given specifications will be the price you pay. We like transparency and exercise it in every aspect of our business. Your writer and everyone you engage with at will be honest and true with you.

Excellent writers

At we hire only the best and most qualified. Our staff is rigorously vetted. All our writers have a top ranking in the creative writing sphere. You can expect to be served by a person who is worth their salt. Your writer will not struggle with your paper or plagiarize. Plagiarism is the theft of intellectual material and we are strongly against it.


Our creative writing service is available whenever you need it, wherever you are. It does not matter if we are in different time zones, you will always find someone to handle your paper. There will always be a customer service rep online to attend to your concerns and answer whatever questions you may have. We must keep this promise as it is critical to your success and satisfaction.

Good reputation

We have built a very good reputation in the creative writing service industry. We have done this through diligent and proper handling of our clients. We have achieved it through good quality work and timely delivery, both at low prices. We would like to maintain this good reputation and so will continue to provide good quality and timely creative writing services at a low price.

Bespoke essays

It is not a creative piece if it is not bespoke and tailored to the client, specifications, or situation. With this in mind, every assignment is freshly done with no precast templates. We like to maintain originality and uniqueness. The only way to achieve this is to approach every assignment with a fresh mind and eyes.