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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My file is too big, how can I share it with you?
    Make use of any cloud storage system such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive to share files that
    are too long. You can upload those files, copy the link and send it to me. Message me if you need help
    with big files.
  2. What are the sizes of files allowed?
    We only allow the sharing of files 30 megabytes or less. In case your file is longer than this, you might
    need to use software to split the files into smaller fractions. You also upload a link to the file from your
    cloud site or any other site of your choice.
  3. Do you charge for multiple speakers, accents, or technicality?
    No, I do not. I accept files with any number of speakers and any accent as long as the audio or video is
    clear and does not have background noise. But always remember that the accuracy of the transcript
    depends on the quality of the recording.
  4. Do I send the audio or the video?
    You can send the audio but when there are 4 speakers or more, please send the video. It is important in
    transcript name tagging that we have the video version of the recording when there are 4 speakers to
    easily identify one speaker from the other especially when they have almost the same tone of voice.
  5. What is a clean verbatim transcription?
    In a clean verbatim, fillers and stutters are usually not included. This means that nonverbal terms like
    “uhms and uhs”, stutters, guffaws, filler phrases, and false starts are not included in the transcript.
  6. What is a strict verbatim transcription
    In this case, fillers and stutters are included. The transcript contains all utterances, false starts, filler
    words (such as um, uh, you know, I mean, etc.), and all slang, (such as gonna, kinda, wanna, sorta, coz,
  7. Are you looking for a quality transcription service? Look no more as you are finally at the right place.
  8. Place your order to get a flawless and high-quality transcript of your audio or video files, even the ones
  9. with low quality up to maximum accuracy. I will help transcribe your audio and video files manually.
  10. What will you get if you order from me?
  11. If you decide to order with me, you will enjoy the following.
  12.  Clean verbatim transcripts (NO AI transcripts)
  13.  Human-typed transcripts
  14.  Confidentiality.
  15.  Accurate transcripts
  16.  Grammar and punctuation check
  17.  On-time delivery
  18.  Proofreading and editing
  19.  Speaker identification
  20.  Time stamps (on request)
  21.  Web search for acronyms, names, terminologies, and jargon to ensure accuracy.
  22. I specialize in transcribing English audio, videos, and, PDF to word or text format. I also offer the services
  23. of podcasts, webinars, lectures, sermons, sessions, YouTube videos, modules, interviews, and PDF
  24. transcriptions.
  25. My services include
  26.  Transcribing interviews
  27.  Transcribing lectures
  28.  Transcribing meetings and conferences
  29.  Transcribing recordings
  30.  Transcribing podcasts
  31.  Transcribing sermons and zoom meetings
  32.  Transcribing webinars
  33.  Transcribing YouTube videos.
  34. With the service from an expert, you do not have to worry about grammatical and proofreading
  35. mistakes as I possess strong linguistic skills. You can also be sure that you will get a fast turnaround time
  36. and value for your money any time you work with me.
  37. Contact me to enjoy:
  38.  Custom orders
  39.  Discounts on bulk orders (from 8 hours)
  40.  Full verbatim transcription
  41.  Timely delivery of all your orders.
  42.  Well-structured documents
  43.  Unlimited free revision.
  44.  Top quality
  45. In case of any questions, special requirements, or concerns, free feel to contact me and you will get a
  46. reply as soon as possible. In case you feel none of my packages fits your needs, message me for
  47. consultation or a custom offer.
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