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Academic Writing Service: Cheap, Guaranteed Quality… 100% Satisfaction

We take on your academic writing, you take on the world.
Heavy academic writing load does not have you, we have it. Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

Academic writing covers everything from homework and assignments to dissertation and thesis. You can get any of these academic writing services from at a good price. We intend to deliver your paper within the stipulated time and we intend to do it well. We hire the most qualified writers. We are committed to ensuring that your college life is smooth as can be.

An academic writing service is geared towards helping you save time. There is so much to do in college. The networks you make in college will be beneficial throughout your career. At, we would like to leave some time in your day to network and attend networking events. We would like for you to have a well-rounded college education. You cannot achieve this if you are always chasing a deadline or other.

College coursework in addition to extracurricular activities can leave no time to rest at all. Therefore, let us take some of that off your plate. Have some time for a walk or a  nap. Have some time to get that internship so that you can build your resume.

Our Guarantees

Fast and smooth process

You can get academic writing services with us in a few clicks. Our website is user friendly. The interface is designed to support the user and make it easy for them to engage with us. You will not waste time trying to navigate the site. All processes on are designed to take the shortest time possible. You will get prompt responses. The payment process will be short, quick, and safe. The idea is to make your relationship with our academic writing service the least stressful one.

All academic levels

Are you in high school? Are you getting your PhD? Whichever academic level, we can provide you with academic writing services. We have writers who specialize in each level. There will always be a person qualified enough and appropriate for your assignment. Ours is an all-inclusive academic writing service. Any subject you need help with, be it math, biology, or art history, we are able and willing.

Meet deadlines

Having a deadline looming over your head can stress you out. The pressure of a deadline can reduce your productivity. It can make you produce substandard work. However, our academic writing service has been doing this for a long time. Our writers are used to dealing with tight deadlines. Your assignment will always be delivered on time. We always beat the clock.

Cheap academic writing service

At, the academic writing service is pocket friendly. We do not overcharge our clients. Our rates are some of the lowest in the market. Our price is carefully computed using factors like length and whether or not it is a priority order among others. You will be able to see exactly how much you will owe once you enter the order details. Your final invoice will not have any hidden charges. We are very transparent with our charges.

Round the clock service

We are a 24-hour academic writing service. No matter the time of day, you will have your concerns addressed and your assignment delivered. Our staff works on a rotational basis. This means that no writers will work on your assignment while exhausted and sleepy. The system ensures they are fresh and mentally capable to give you their best. It also means that there will always be someone online to help you out.

Secure transactions

Our payment systems are simple, easy, and secure. Usually, ease of payment is indicative of an insecure one. However, our academic writing service balances both. We have invested in all the safeguards possible to ensure that your transaction remains safe. With us, you have the assurance that your financial information will not fall into the wrong hands or any hands.

Expert academic writers.

We have a team of superstars working in our academic writing service. Our writers are highly qualified in their academic fields and as writers. They are experienced too. Point is, whoever is assigned to your order will know exactly how to handle your paper. They will be able to tackle it within the specified time. They will provide you with good quality papers. Your paper will be well researched for depth and edited for luster.

Well researched material

Academic writing requires a lot of research. Unlike informal types of writing, with academic writing using filler words is a faux pas. Our academic writing service process is mostly research. A well-researched paper will flow well. It will be informative. It will display your knowledge of the subject which is exactly what your instructor wants of you. At, we have all the resources at our disposal to provide you with exhaustive material.

Direct contact with writers

Our academic writing service is keen on ensuring that you get exactly what you need from us. You will be able to chat with your writer about your instructions and wishes. You can ask about their qualifications as an academic writer and their proficiency with the subject. You can make suggestions on how the paper should be approached. We welcome collaborations between writers and clients. This has been proven to produce better results. Chatting with the writer will give you that boost of confidence in our academic writing service.

Plagiarism free work

An academic writing service that allows or delivers plagiarized work should be banned and blacklisted. In the academic and professional spheres, theft of intellectual property by not giving credit to sources is not only frowned upon but also punishable by professional death. Plagiarism brings into question every other paper you have written and the papers you will write in the future. At, you can expect a plagiarism-free paper. You can count on 100% originality.

Free revisions and money-back guarantee

Once you get your paper, you might notice that some things are out of place. You might not like some aspects of it. In this case, you have two options. The first option is to request a revision of the paper. Your writer will gladly revise your paper for free. The revision will be prompt. The second option is to request a refund on the order.

Progress reports

At, we like to give you a smooth and transparent academic writing service. Therefore, as you order you may enter a stipulation to receive a progress report every few hours. Our academic writing service has an option for a part by part delivery. This is especially useful and popular for dissertation clients. You may also contact your writer at whatever point after work on your paper has begun. This progress report may or may not come with a preview of your paper.

Global presence

Our academic writing service hires writers from all over the world. This means that you can have your paper written in other languages. It also means that you can chat with a writer who understands your language if English is not your first. Even better, you can still get help in geographically specific subjects like law, for example. While the general gist of law studies is the same, it varies between countries to cater to said country’s unique laws.

Loyalty rewards

We often offer discounts. Our academic writing service is one of many. We have qualities that separate us from the pack. Still, we understand that you have your choice of academic writing services. We are grateful that you choose us. For that, we like to show our appreciation with price reductions in addition to great service and excellent quality work. It is our small way of saying thank you for the opportunity to help you with your course load.


Like a cherry on a pie, we will do a little more for you. Your paper will pass through two different tiers of editing and proofreading. First, the writer will proofread and edit their work as best as they can. Then our quality assurance team will take a crack at the same paper. The idea is to try and catch any little mistakes the writer may have missed. They polish the paper and check for issues like depth and plagiarism. Our academic writing service will not charge you for these services.

Characteristics of academic writing

Title page

Unlike a regular article where you can just start with an introduction, in academic writing a title page is necessary. The title page will have the title of the paper, name/ code of the course, name of the instructor, and date of submission. Our academic writing service creates a title page that is per the directives given in the referencing style guidelines. APA was recently updated to the 7th edition so we use that for APA papers for now.

Table of contents

This is especially common in lengthy papers. You want the reader to be able to navigate the paper with ease. A table of contents allows you to jump to sections you might want to amend or familiarize yourself with. It also helps the reader get an idea of how your paper flows. At our academic writing service, your table of contents will not only be present but also serve its purpose efficiently. The little things count and thank heavens for our attention to detail.


This is a summary of the academic paper. Writers at our academic writing service are aware of exactly how important this part of the paper is. In fact, in many cases, the instructors will only read this part then skim through the rest of it. Therefore, this part should make the instructor want to do a little more read than skim. It will also indicate just how much depth and quality should be expected in this paper. A fitting academic writing service will summarize your paper meticulously, only touching on the necessary points. It can be difficult to summarize your dissertation in less than 300 words so leave it to the experts. Our writers can say everything in very few words.


It is only courteous to give credit to people who helped successfully publish or submit an academic paper. Our academic writing service will usually leave a page blank for this purpose. This is especially important for pivotal assignments like research papers and dissertations. Showing appreciation and acknowledging help is a sign of accountability. It also gives the reader a little bit of confidence in the material and factual basis.


Speaking of credit, no subject under the sun is new. Obviously, you will use sources in the course of your research. Failure to acknowledge and credit these sources on the paper is plagiarism. Plagiarism is considered a professional and academic sin. It leads to disqualification and loss of faith in not only the paper but the author. At, the academic writing service will include this aspect of the process as part of the package. Our writers are conversant with all referencing styles. You can be assured that not only will we use academic and scholarly articles, unless otherwise instructed, but we will also cite and reference correctly.


An academic writing service should know to write in a professional tone. This is not to say terse or admonishing. It is to say that there should not be a casual air about the paper. It should apply all industry-specific words. You must be careful not to discredit your paper with a less than formal approach to the subject. Write a paper that feels like it should be in glasses and a tweed jacket being authoritative on the subject.

Precision and clarity

It is important to get to the point quickly. Academic writing does not take lightly to a roundabout way of delivering messages. This renders the paper boring and a waste of time. The paper should also be clear. These two qualities can be difficult to achieve especially if you are not experienced in academic research and writing. The material sort of comes at you all at the same time and you feel the need to include it all. An academic writing service knows what information will be relevant. Our writers know how to sift through the fog of information for only the most relevant and value-adding.


The standard formatting for an academic paper will be Times New Roman 12, double line spacing, and first-line indent. Though some instructors like to have it a little different. Some will ask for Arial and single spacing. Some will even go as far as requesting 0.5” margins on the document. At, our academic writing service will be very keen on this. The quality assurance team ensures that such instructions are strictly followed.


This will usually be the last part unless the paper also has an appendices page. The reference, bibliography, or works cited page has more information about the sources used in the paper. While citations are usually just the author and year of publication depending on the referencing style, the reference list requires more. Depending on the referencing style, information for each source is presented differently.