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At, our biggest asset is our team. We hire only the best expert writers to help you with whatever kind of writing you may need. We take great care in staffing. We do not want to have 100 biology expert writers but none who can handle physics assignments. Our staff is diverse both in terms of geography and academic disciplines. You can be assured that our staffing process is meticulous enough to provide you with whichever kind of professional writer you need.

Before engaging a homework help service, you want to make sure that they hire writers who are good enough to deliver a good grade for you. However, it might be difficult to determine who is merely an academic writer and who is an expert academic writer. There are the basics like knowledgeable and good writing skills but then what else do you need from your writer? What trait in your expert writer will have you coming back to the same writing service? Which qualities will improve your experience and earn you a better quality paper?

The point of using a writing service is to gain a reprieve from your mediocre writing skills. Many people have trouble expressing themselves despite knowing the material quite well. If you are not going to get a brilliant expert writer whose work will be inspired and crisply fresh, you might as well take a chance and handle it yourself. At, you can be assured that we will assign the best person for the job. They will have all the qualities you need in an expert writer.

What do you need in an expert writer?

Those instructions are not meant for amusement. They are not suggestions. Instructions are meant to direct a paper in a way that the client believes will benefit them the most. Instructions are meant to help the reader get the intended use out of it. An expert writer should understand this very well. Our expert writers take the time to understand and may even discuss your instructions with you. We have a quality assurance team whose sole purpose is to ensure that you will be completely satisfied.

Your concerns and questions should be addressed with some urgency. You have a deadline to beat. You have an instructor to appease. Therefore, your expert writer should do their part and attend to you promptly. Ours is a 24-hour service. There will always be someone online who can help you. There will always be a writer who can handle your paper. Availability is a major factor.

It is not enough that your academic writer should be able to string together words for a logical statement. Your expert writer is not an expert without the qualifications. The writer should be well and vastly trained in their field of study. We hire people with certification from accredited institutions. People whose proficiency in their fields of study is second to none. Whomever we assign to your order, you can be assured, will know their stuff. They will be able to not only understand the material but also help you get a better grasp of your coursework.

You want a writer who has been at it for a long time. You do not want a writer who will feel the intense pressure of a looming deadline. You want a writer who is used to the heat of tight deadlines. The quality should not be compromised by the sound of a ticking clock. Our expert writers have to demonstrate the ability to work well and be excellent even under the most intense pressures before we hire them. At, we ensure to hire only the most experienced expert writers.

Good quality assignments are factual. They are done according to specifications. They have depth and are well researched. They are submitted on time. Your expert writer should be able to deliver all of these and more. You want an expert writer who will fulfill all your academic writing needs no matter the level of difficulty, time of day, or deadline. This is something you can count on at

This may seem unnecessary but it is important for two reasons. First, your writer should be a native speaker because then they can understand your instructions. They will be able to ask all the right questions. Second, a native speaker can write in the language better. We have a global presence. We have writers who are native speakers of different languages. This means that wherever you are in the world, we can serve you. There is an expert writer just waiting to help with your assignment.

You do not want to work with someone you cannot rely on. An academic writing service should be your partner. Your expert writer should be the one holding the other end of your course load. What happens if you cannot trust the person on the other side to keep holding on? What happens if you are constantly afraid that they will drop the load on your toes? You want an expert writer who knows their responsibility and takes it seriously.

Every paper should be done from scratch. Your expert writer should not use templates or old assignments. They should be keen not to plagiarize. Plagiarism is achieved by failure to cite and reference properly. It is also achieved by copying and pasting sources. You want a custom written paper. You want an expert writer with the capacity to deliver an original paper no matter how many people have placed a similar order.

We like to maintain your anonymity. We want to keep your engagement with us private. Your expert writer should understand the importance of this. You do not want a writer who will reveal your conversations to third parties. You should seek this attention to privacy from the writing service as a whole. It should be a habit nurtured by the organization as opposed to an individual decision by the writer.

At, we have a quality assurance team that works to ensure that all assignments are flawless before they are delivered. Even then, our expert writers take the time to clean up their work before passing it to the quality assurance team. You want an expert writer who takes the time to read and edit their work. Proofreading reveals syntax errors. The writer will notice some sentences that should be rephrased, replaced, or deleted altogether.

Artists usually like to be left to their own devices. However, academic writing requires a lot of direction from the client. It requires the client’s input and suggestions. You want an expert writer who is glad to involve you. One who not only appreciates your input but seeks it. Academic writing is all about pleasing the client and making sure they get the best possible grade. It is not about artistic instinct. Get a writer who will be glad to collaborate with you on the paper.

It is only through feedback that an expert writer can improve. It is only through listening to his or her clients that they can recognize their weaknesses and work on getting better. Therefore, you want an expert writer who will welcome the opportunity to improve. You want a writer who is not afraid to take criticism. You want a writer who takes the time to read your feedback and use it to be better.

It is only human to like some people more than others. This has no place in the professional sphere though. However, your expert writer should not produce better results for their ‘favorite’ client than all other clients. Due to anonymity and confidentiality, the clients may never know who is the favorite and who is not. This only benefits the ‘favorite’ client. The other clients are stuck getting subpar or just okay work. Any service provider no matter the field should give their best to all clients.

An expert writer should be professional. They should be professional in the way they handle your assignments and in the way they engage with you. Your expert writer should not be rude. They should provide you with previews and status reports when you ask for them. They should take their responsibility as a service provider seriously.

Your writer should take the time to research their material. Academic writing is rarely ever about opinion and always about facts. These facts have to be backed by evidence. This is what your expert should be able to do. They should be able to do enough research that the paper they deliver is heavily colored with evidence. The expert writer can only do the right kind of research if they understand the instructions given.

How we vet our expert writers

Resume sorting is a well-reputed writing service. We are proud of the team we have and treat them very well. Our writing service is always looking to expand. We like to have a strong global presence. For this reason, we get many applications for expert writers every day. It takes a lot of time and precision to sort through all the resumes we receive every day.

There is a team dedicated to sorting through the resumes. This team is tasked with looking for candidates who fulfill our requirements for expert writers. The person needs to have qualifications from accredited institutions. We also look for experience. We always train our expert writers but we still like to hire people who have experience as academic writers.

Screening interviews

After the resumes have been sorted and we have picked the candidates who look great on paper, we schedule an interview. This interview is meant to get a more in-depth understanding of the person. A person’s character and personality will usually come through in their writing. We like to have an idea of how the person will handle clients. A conversation reveals a lot about a person. We aim to be rigorous with the expert writer hiring process. Our clients have come to expect 100% satisfaction from our academic writing service. We intend to maintain this by thoroughly screening everyone we hire.


We always use all the resources at our disposal to verify the qualifications of our applicant writers. At this stage, our hiring officials will call the references provided. We will also contact the other academic writing services the applicant may have worked with. The idea here is to see the applicant in more dimensions. We know who they are on paper. We know what their opinion of themselves is. Now, we want to know what others think of them. Our expert writers must not only be good at what they do, they must also fit into the Assignment Essays culture.


We also require that our applicants submit samples. These samples will not be sold to clients for financial benefit. We only use the samples to gauge the applicant’s ability to keep up with the quality demands at The sample shows us the level of capability. We demand that our expert writers not only be experts in their fields of study but also experts in academic writing. A writer should know the appropriate tone to use in an academic paper. They should know how to format the paper. They should know how to cite and reference under any style.


After the applicant has been approved to work as an expert writer, they are put on probation. They go through a period of light tasks and heavy policing from the quality assurance team. Their work is picked and polished a lot more severely than work from the more permanent expert writers. This period is meant to have the writer understand what is required of them. They understand the meaning of excellence per the Assignment Essays standards. This probation period is also used for training.


As a writer joins our service, they are trained in basic academic writing. They are also trained on how to maintain the same level of quality we have come to be known for. We maintain this training throughout their employment through periodic seminars. The idea is to refresh proficiency in academic writing and familiarize our expert writers with updated directives like new referencing style editions.