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1 Promise: Highest Quality Research Paper at the Lowest Price

Get methodical research paper writing service
Your best option for good quality research papers. Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

A research paper is an essay that presents your exploration of a certain topic. Research is the surveillance of a certain element of a subject or topic. Our research paper writing service aims to provide papers that display exhaustive research and quality writing coupled with attention to academic writing rules.

Research papers draw from different sources. Your research should use different types of sources from books to scholarly articles to interviews and even academic podcasts. Your research will determine the depth of your research paper. Your research paper should bring value to the field. It should offer a new perspective or solve gaps in previous research. This is determined by the quality of the sources used.

It helps to divide sources into two categories. The first category being primary which provides the main support. These sources will provide very strong evidence for the research question and will provide a basis for the majority of the paper. The second is secondary sources which are sources that may only support a small part of the paper. These may not contribute to tackling the research question but will help support an idea. These sources are more passive supporters.

You should be careful not to commit academic writing sins if you choose not to use a research paper writing service. Your research paper should not merely summarize what the sources say about the research question. Your research paper is not a response essay for material on the subject. Your research paper is not an overview or a review. For a better understanding of what a research paper is, you should understand the distinction between an argumentative and an analytical research paper.

There are two main types of research papers. An argumentative research paper is based on a  thesis statement that can be debated from either side. The main purpose of this type of paper is to prove the validity of your standpoint. The second type is the analytical research paper. This paper does not take a particular position on the topic. The idea is simply to evaluate the topic in multiple dimensions.

Your research paper should have each of the following features:

What do you get from Assignment Essays?

At Assignment Essays, the research paper writing service is geared towards delivering a paper that displays extensive research, critical thinking, intelligent evaluation of source material, and content organization & composition.

A high-quality research paper means you will get a high grade. Give us the chance to provide you with the best research paper writing service, effectively handing over your academic frustrations. Our clients applaud our research paper writing service for its effectiveness. Using our research paper writing service guarantees you a good grade. All you need to do is place an order with your instructions no matter the time of day or your geographical location.

Here at Assignment Essays, we have faith in our team’s capacity to deliver the highest caliber research paper writing service. We invest in a good team and anything that might bring value to our clients. Whether you are looking for school research paper writing, a college research paper writing service, or help with your Ph.D. research, our research paper writing service is ready and willing.

You can allot the time gained from engaging our research paper writing service to other activities like work-study or attending networking events. With our help, you will have a lot of energy to just act your age instead of being constantly worn out. So, you don’t have to handle your writing assignment on your own. Leave the frustrating and time-sucking assignments to us. You will get exactly the help that you need.

Our research paper writing service is especially sympathetic to students who are constantly trying to work towards improving their grades but never have time due to back to back assignments. You want to perform well but there is too much on your plate to allow you to work towards that goal. Hand us the plate or at least, let us take some of the contents off it.

Features of Our Research Paper Writing Service

What we need from you.

We like for our research writing paper service to be a collaboration between our writer and the client. We have found that this bores the best fruits. With the client’s involvement, they get to be familiar with the content. More often than not, it alleviates the need for revisions.

To order your paper, you should simply tell us the following:

Which course are you pursuing? What is the subject area on which you want to base your research paper? What sub-section of the subject? For example, Accounting- Forensic Accounting- Ethical Responsibilities of a Forensic Accountant. Having this kind of information informs the research stage. It allows the writer to know what kind of sources to seek out and how to filter results for searches.

What is your academic level e.g. High school, college, MBA etc? This information is necessary to our research paper writing service for several reasons. One reason is that then the writer will know to use sources at that academic level. You would not use a doctorate level paper for a high school research paper, would you? Another reason is that the writer can judge the depth required for the paper.  Your academic level also determines the writer we will assign to your order. It would not be wise to assign a doctorate-level writer who could be working on orders at that level to an undergraduate level order.

How long should the paper be? By our standards, 275 words make up a full page. Therefore note that if you enter the length in pages, this is the conversion rate that applies. The difference in metrics may cause a change in the final invoice order price.

When do you need us to deliver the paper? Our writers work pretty well under pressure. But, keep in mind that the tighter and shorter the deadline the higher the price will be. If the deadline is tight then the paper might need to be given priority. This could mean pulling a writer from another order or assigning multiple writers to one order.  The deadline should not be the required date of submission, it should be before.