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We care about the privacy of our clients and will never share your personal information with any third parties or persons.
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A plagiarism report from Turnitin can be attached to your order to ensure your paper's originality.
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Custom Essay Service that Helps you Best

At, we care about your academic life. We care that you achieve the best grade possible not only to survive through school but to excel. This is what we are offering. Our custom essay services prioritize quality, affordability, and timeliness. We want you to submit a well-written custom essay on time at the right price.

More than 9 out of 10 clients have given positive reviews. Many come back later to give feedback from their instructor or refer their friends to the site. This is proof that truly is the best academic partner you could ask for. We have your best interests at heart. With a lighter academic load, there is no telling how high you can soar.

Writing a custom essay
Your favorite custom essay writing service. Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

What do you look for in a custom essay?

Plagiarism freeLogical format
Plagiarism is the use of content directly from a source without acknowledging or giving credit. This is fraud and is highly frowned upon. Plagiarism will have your essay disqualified or automatically considered a fail.Every custom essay must follow a specific general format. It must start with a good introduction followed by the body then the conclusion. This format gives the essay a logical flow for easier understanding of the material. A properly formatted essay makes it easier for you to deliver your argument on the question effectively and efficiently.
Meets word countFitting title
As your instructor is giving you the assignment to handle, they already know how much content would be satisfactory for that essay. You should therefore ensure to satisfy the word count requirement. Otherwise, the content might not be as dense and deep as required. The word count tells you how much research will be needed for that assignment.The title of your work will give the first impression of your work. You will not get a second chance at a first impression. The title should therefore not only be fitting, it should also be catchy and not too long.
Proper grammarOn topic
When all is said and done, if your custom essay is riddled with grammatical and typographical errors then it will not be understood. If it is not understood then all that research will have been for nothing. Your essay needs to be clean with impeccable language and excellent sentence structure.This is another very important aspect of custom essay writing. You must be able to remain on topic. Your material must be relevant to the essay question. In some cases, you might be required to dig a little deeper but every morsel of content on the paper must contribute to your argument.
Proper referencing 
Using sources without citation on your paper would be fraudulent. It is theft of another person’s intellectual property and therefore requires proper credit. Referencing is a very critical part of your custom essay. Please note the term ‘proper’ which means that your reference list entries should have all elements from the name of the author to date and title of the work. 

What are the elements of a custom essay?

This is like the door to your custom essay. You want your door to be welcoming. You want your door to make it clear that it is the entry to your house. It should grab the attention of the reader and give them an idea of what is to expect.

These are necessary as they walk the reader into every subsection. Without subheadings then it is all one big block of words. A big block of words is difficult to read and follow.

After the door comes the entryway or the foyer. This section then admits the reader to the subject. It helps them understand what the essay question is and how you intend to tackle it.

This is the real deal. The body is where you pour all your research. This is where you earn your grade. The body will be the main point of focus. This is where your instructor will determine whether you understood the question, to begin with. This part takes up most of your word count.

Then comes the ending. You should remind the reader of the essay question and give an overview of your solution to it. This is your sign out, it should be memorable.

You have to give credit to your sources otherwise it is plagiarism. Referencing should follow the proper format and protocols. It should have who, when, what and from where.

Why us for your custom essay?

Good qualityTimely delivery
We are fully committed to good quality work. We shall not release your paper until it is not only well crafted and researched but also clear of errors and mistakes. At, good quality custom essays are our pride.What would be the point of working hard on a custom essay but missing the deadline? Our writers are vigilant and strictly adherent to deadlines.
Fair pricingWe meet expectations
Our custom essay service will be affordable. We do not want to break your bank to help you with your grades. The prices are flexible and dependent on factors like the period given and the length of the essay.Whatever it is you need your custom essay to look like, we will deliver. However long you give us to complete your essay, it is possible. We have your back.
No recycled essaysOriginal
Recycling is good for the environment but when it comes to essays, it is the worst thing. You will get a completely original custom written essay to submit. An essay that is tailored to your specifications.We are big on giving credit. If you wish, we will attach the plag report as we deliver the custom essay. This way you are completely sure as you submit that your essay is 100% original.
Qualified teamRound the clock support
We hire only the best to work on our writing team. People whose sole purpose is to meet your expectations. You will get a writer who can be available whenever you need them for revisions and questions.At, you can talk to someone whenever you need to. You can ask questions about the progress of your custom essay as well as request for previews.
ConfidentialityChallenges are welcome
Unauthorized sharing of personal data has become a trend. At we do not condone this practice. We will keep your information confidential at every cost.Everyone likes a new challenge they can sink their teeth into. We especially welcome them. You should therefore not be afraid to ask us for help no matter the discipline and difficulty level. Our writers work as a team. They will put their minds together and handle it for you.
Loyal customer baseMany disciplines
Over 70% of our clients are return customers. This is a testament to their satisfaction. Our custom essay service has developedWe know that you take many different courses. So you do not have to shop around different custom essay services to get all your coursework assignments done. Our writing team is diverse in expertise and qualifications and can handle everything from finance to art and even English lit.
Easy order trackingFree revision
It is only natural to want to check on the progress of your custom essay. At, you can check on the progress as often as you need to.In some cases, your instructions may be misinterpreted or not executed as you wished. In such a case, you can have the writer revise the work so that it is more in line with your expectations.
We will provide you with samples of your custom essay before it is completely done. This will allow you to make suggestions if need be. We can deliver the custom essay in parts for you especially for big orders so that you can review as the work continues. 

How do we do this?

What do you expect from our writers?

We have a big team of writers consisting of professionals from different fields. They are all well trained in those fields as well as in custom essay writing. This is important because you do not want someone whose first encounter with the subject is your essay. It should not be the practice run. Our writers will be very honest and transparent about their qualifications and background.

In addition to their qualifications, our writers are vastly experienced in their respective disciplines. They have not only experienced in their disciplines but also custom essay writing. Most of our writers have been with us for a long time.

No matter the time of day, no matter the question we will still be available to support you. Your writer will answer questions about anything from their approach to your essay question to the sources they intend to use. The same support will remain steadfast even during revisions. We do not stop until your custom essay is completely done to your satisfaction.

Our writers do not simply write for the sake of it. They are passionate about helping you achieve your dream grade with custom essay writing services. They will do more than you expect with title pages, free revisions, appropriate formatting among other little things to make your essay that much better.

What can you order from us?

Custom academic essayResearch paper
Case studyResume
DissertationMathematical assignment
Literature reviewCollege admission essay
Web contentBlog articles
Press releasePowerPoint presentation
FormattingCreative writing
Email campaignBusiness plan
Annotated bibliography

Custom essay faux pas

Use of pre-existing templatesTypographical errors
Often some assignments will be similar. It would be tempting to use a template from a previous assignment. However, this would be completely wrong. Every assignment is meant to be 100% original and custom-tailored to the subject and essay question. At, we frown upon such.There is nothing as distracting as typos in an essay. You end up concentrating so much on the typos that you do not pay attention to the actual material. It defeats the purpose of doing the work if the person reading it will not be able to understand a thing.
PlagiarismLow word count
Plagiarism is theft. If you use material from someone else’s work without giving them credit then you are stealing their intellectual property.  It is unethical and your work will not be considered completely yours. Our writers pride themselves on producing original work.The word count informs the depth of the research. It tells you how much work should go into the custom essay. If the word count is not fulfilled then it means that your material may not cover as much ground as is required.
Veering from the topicScanty content
In some cases, in an attempt to fill the word count you might be tempted to simply cram information in there. First, this takes attention from the subject at hand. Second, this is why you need custom essay services from academic work, you cannot afford not to do enough research. Your custom essay should answer the question. If the information is shallow then the reader will be left with more questions than answers. Your instructor might take this as a sign that you grasp that level and require you to repeat

How is our price determined?

Our price for your custom essay will be determined by four factors. The first is the type of essay you are ordering. Is it a blog article or is it a resume? Is it a thesis or a term paper? The second factor is the academic level. This will determine the kind of material the writer should be looking for. It prevents us from writing a grad school level paper for a high school term paper, such could get you in trouble.

The third factor is the length of the paper. What is your word count? The final factor is the amount of time you are giving us to finish your paper. This is because if the deadline is tight, it will have to be a priority order. We take great care to ensure that the price is as fair as can be.

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