How to Use RefWorks Citing Tool

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How to Use RefWorks Citing Tool

RefWorks is an online citing tool in research that helps you manage your sources as you write your paper. It makes your work easier when collaborating with your colleagues as it provides a platform on which one can access and add contributions. RefWorks organizes, stores, and shares all types of information, and can instantly create citations and bibliographies.

The citing tool in research has a drag-and-drop function that captures and saves metadata from documents. You may also do the same with websites to generate citations. Furthermore, you can collect, manage and organize research papers as well as annotate, organize, and cite your research.

Your Relationship with the RefWorks Citing Tool

  1. Save references on the web (browser extension)
  2. RefWorks Citation Manager for use with Microsoft Word 2016 and above
  3. Write-N-Cite for use with Microsoft Word 2008 and 2011

Adding your sources

adding sources to RefWorks citing tool

With the collect and import feature, the citing tool in research borrows from online databases, other citing tools in research as well as your computer library. You may also add sources by dragging and dropping them into the RefWorks window or creating a new reference manually.

  1. Click on the + at the top of the RefWorks to reveal a drop-down list.
  2. Next, drag and drop, click on ‘upload document’ then use the box for drag and drop, or, to browse and search your computer. 
  3. Then, collect and import sources, click on ‘ import references’ then pick the database you would like to import from
  4. To create your reference manually, click on ‘create new reference’ and enter bibliographic information in the fields provided.

Annotate your references

Annotation is a brief description and evaluation of the source that is often attached to the reference. The point of annotation is not just to understand the relevance and importance of the source to your research but also to show that you have done proper research using quality sources. RefWorks citing tool allows you to annotate your sources by doing the following:

  1. Select the reference and click the “Read” button in the viewing pane. The document will display to the reader.
  2. Select the text you want to highlight (mouse over it while holding down the right mouse button)
  3. Click on the highlight icon A. Your highlighting is automatically saved.
  4. Select the reference and click the “Read” button in the viewing pane. The document will display to the reader. 
  5. Select the text you want to comment on (mouse over it while holding down the right mouse button).
  6. Then click the word Comment icon. Your comments are automatically saved.

Citing your sources in RefWorks citing tool

There are three options for using RefWorks to do in-text citations. 

Option 1: Write-n-Cite requires users to install a plug-in.  You can then insert citations with just a few steps. Write-n-Cite works with Word 2013 and earlier.
using the RefWorks citing tool on MS word
Option 2: RefWorks Citing Tool works on Word 2016 and Word 2019.  If you have a Mac and Word 2016, or Word 2019 on either Mac or Windows, you must use Citation Manager.
Option 3: Google Docs allows you to add in-text citations as well.

Creating your bibliography

The citing tool will generate the bibliography.  You can choose from many popular output styles. If you do not want the one that RefWorks automatically chose, you can change that by clicking the drop-down box in the toolbar.

You will have to copy this and paste it into your paper.  The “Copy to Clipboard” button is helpful here.

Be sure to proofread your bibliography!